When are our services most used?  

Pre-Settlement Funding provides relief to individuals in need of financial assistance while awaiting a lawsuit settlement.  The situations for which we provide funding vary, though most of our clients are injury victims who require aid during pending litigation.  In addition, we have a network of treatment providers who work with plaintiffs to assure that their settlement is maximized.  Our investigation background has allowed us to build close relationships with these providers, so they are flexible with our borrowers and will treat on Lien to eliminate immediate out of pocket costs. 


What type of cases do we fund? 

We routinely fund victims of motor vehicle accidents, workman’s comp cases, slip and fall injuries, premise liability incidents, and much more.  Although plaintiffs in civil litigation cases are our most frequent clients, we fund people for a wide variety of circumstances.  We are one of the ONLY firms that will provide lawsuit funding in premise liability cases.


My client does not have health insurance and needs medical treatment. Can you help? 

One benefit of working with Pre-Settlement Funding is that we offer to make payments directly to medical providers for our clients, ensuring they continue to receive the best possible medical care for their injuries without having to worry about insurance or bills.  We understand the importance of medical treatment in building case value and want to make sure our clients get the best returns possible. 


My client has health insurance but cannot afford the high deductibles and co-pays. Can you help? 

We appreciate the unique situation each plaintiff faces when dealing with medical providers and insurance carriers throughout their litigation.  It is our goal to ensure borrowers continue to receive proper treatment and we will help with deductibles and co-pays. 


My client is unable to work due to their injuries and needs money for living expenses. Can you help? 

Of course! Pre-Settlement Funding takes pride in helping plaintiffs maintain the most normal routine possible while their litigation is pending.  We understand that even when coping with injury life must continue, bills must be paid, and family needs must be met. 


How much work is involved for the attorney?  

Our approval department will make contact with the attorney via email, and we guarantee the attorney will never receive a single fax from our office.  The entire process from the attorney’s position will take only a few minutes to ensure their time is free to handle more pressing matters.  Within 24 hours of contact with the attorney, the client will be notified whether or not they have been approved for funding.


How do your interest rates compare with other national lenders? 

Pre-Settlement Funding beats ALL other lenders with our low post-maturity rates.  We understand that litigation can last for years, and we make it a priority to protect the borrower’s return on their settlement.